The dark at the end of the funnel

I cannot agree more with this article

Academic Computing

In a Q&A session last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talked about the problem of getting more women into Computer Science (CS). He referred to the vicious circle of trying to encourage more female participation in CS:

You need to start earlier in the funnel so that girls don’t self-select out of doing computer science education, but at the same time one of the big reasons why today we have this issue is that there aren’t a lot of women in the field today.

The funnel or pipeline is this idea that you only get trained developers by educating them; if you want more graduate developers you need to get them in an educational pipeline at an earlier age so that they will take computing degrees. This September, England began its Computing adventure, with boys and girls required to study Computing (which includes CS and programming) from ages 5–14…

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Fantastic start to fountain chess in South End Green!

A fantastic event, its a shame that I could not arrange the time to attend in person!!

South End Green Association

A fantastic first Saturday morning chess tournament filled the fountain area on South End Green this weekend, in a great event organised by local chess master Deepak Malhotra, Jonathan Bergman and Peter Marigold from the fountain renovation team and Zara restaurant (who generously loaned tables, chairs, tea and coffee for participants).

Expect more great happenings around the fountain throughout 2015!


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