Hack Circus / Synaesthesia Interview!

LJ Rich

Click here to listen to an interview about my synaesthesia and music composing! This was for the wonderful Leila Johnston’s Hack Circus podcast …

And I scored some of the conversation!

Here’s the music on its own, which turned out rather nicely.

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Tories ready to choose Holborn and St Pancras candidate

Richard Osley

toriesHOLBORN and St Pancras is a bruising battleground for the Conservatives. Frank Dobson has seen them all off over the years. Yet it remains a reasonably attractive training ground for ambitious Tories, if not only for the big names that have been defeated here and then gone onto far bigger  things. John Major, for example. Margot James is another.

With all the talk of Frank not standing again, and he’s due to speak to members next Tuesday for another opportunity to get the hare running on a Labour selection contest, there might also be a little added interest in standing here for one of the other parties.

And the Tories are ready to make their choice tomorrow night. A special meeting of constituency members has been called and a final shortlist of four is on the table: Two councillors from Westminster, JP Floru and Suhail Rahuja, are on the list…

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Camden Town’s busking void

Richard Osley

ct2CAMDEN Council insisted, and still insists, its busking licensing policy was not about driving musicians from the streets. All they needed to do was sign up and they could still play on, as long as it was not amplified and not too late in the evening. Like buskers or hate buskers, the reality of the policy so far is that there are fewer musicians out there by Camden Town station since the rules came into play. Councillors will say they didn’t set out to get rid of the buskers, but take it from someone who walks past five times a day or so, their number have dwindled.

ctAnd it’s led to a stranger stage than what was there before. For although the street musicians have looked elsewhere, street performers still appear. Giant bubble blowers sometimes come on a Friday evening and coat the street with fairy liquid. There’s a football…

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Musical CV: About me 2014

LJ Rich

So, I’m a freelance presenter and music composer/hacker.  I do a lot for Click, the BBC’s tech show but I’ve also hosted BBC Orchestra events and most recently hosted my first Radio 3 show, which was great fun. I love doing projects where music and technology meet, so any excuse to do more is fallen upon with great joy.

These are the things I love.

1)     Music composition and performance –  I do a lot of classical piano and orchestral composition – including spontaneous classical piano composition in pretty much any style.  It just comes out like that, I can’t explain it, but I’m OK with showing it off now.  I really enjoy giving live recitals! https://soundcloud.com/ljrich/140420-flying-through-colour  – recently performed at BBC NBH much to the surprise of some of my work colleagues…

Here’s an informal performance from a few weeks ago:

2)    …

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The death knell of appointments

So far the appointments have been rather disappointing; one one person has turned up for their slot, and unfortunately I couldn’t help her fully with her issue.  When you add in as well that the appointment sheet was misplaced for this week it does me things rather awkward

At this rate it looks like I will be going back to a drop in surgery for September, as I get more people coming in and its easier for me to arrange via Social Media.  The appointment slots were only ever meant to be a way to control the number of activities I was undertaking, but it seems to have caused more problems than it solved.

I will be taking a break in August, returning in September for more monthly surgeries.  I will be going back to running the surgeries as a drop in session, so please pay attention to Twitter/facebook/linkedin for the dates!!

Update on appointments at Laptop Surgeries

So I’ve completed the first surgery based on appointments on Saturday, and I have to say that not only was this an easier way to do it, we still had some issues.

The biggest of these was people not turning up for their appointment. I know that I’m doing this for free, but this is very frustrating as I had to turn away two people who had turned up and needed my help because my time was already booked up.

Let’s see how June’s surgery turns out.

The revolution will not be televised….but it will be brought to you by #techmums

A great initiative that I fully support

Savvify: Engage Enlighten Inspire

Techmums T3

Guest blog post from Jemima Gibbons, Social Media Strategist.

I just got back from two amazing days at Google Campus – training to be a #Techmums trainer.

In case you haven’t heard or read about it yet, #Techmums is a new initiative from Dr Sue Black (the mum of 4, computer scientist and self-proclaimed “cheeky geek” whose become a bit of a household name after campaigning to save Bletchley Park a couple of years ago).

Sue wanted to do something to help change the image of computer science in the UK, and she decided to start with mums – because they’re key to children’s safe and savvy use of technology, but all too often know little about computing.

After running a successful pilot in Tower Hamlets last summer, Sue and her team raised enough funding to roll out the #Techmums programme to other schools in the South East.


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Laptop Surgery Dates

These are the Saturday’s that I will be at St Johns Wood Library;

5th April
10th May
7th June
5th July

After realising that I spent too much energy on these surgeries previously, I will be taking August 2014 and January 2015 off, So I will be publishing new dates later in the summer.

I haven’t had any feedback about how people would prefer these surgeries to be held? Drop in or Appointment based?  you can contact me on twitter with any comments you might have. (@flexsite

Update on the Surgeries

So my third surgery (since the restarted) is coming up soon, and I keep wanting to reflect on how they are going?

Some of the feedback I have been getting is that the people who come along do not feel like they get enough time with me, and that they would like me to do appointment slots?

What do you think about that?  tweet me your suggestions (@flexsite)

Appointments at 20 minutes a time?
Expand to 3 hours instead of 2?

I am willing to listen to all suggestions.

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